BodyKneads Muscle Therapy

A wholistic approach to body care for humans, horses, and pets

Human Care

Massage, Taping, and Energy healing to help you feel and perform your best

Animal Care

Equine and pet healing through massage, laser, and whole-body evaluation and treatment


Learn how to treat yourself or your animal with comprehensive training in BodyKeads methods


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About Bodykneads

BodyKneads Muscle Therapy is an integrated approach to bodywork for people and animals
My focus: educate and relieve physical pain and movement disfunction.

Massage, Stretching, Laser

Energy Work

Tong Ren, Nutrition, Taping

Recover From Injury

Get back to work or play faster

Cope with Physical Challenges

Be pain free


Christine, thank you for your help communicating with mare “Wear My Ring”. She has been troubled by cribbing and has a sensitive digestive system.

Your advice to minimize grain, increase hay and in particular add “Ulcer Aid” as a supplement has increased her comfort dramatically. Her well being is of utmost importance to me and with your approach I was able to provide comfort and relief to her, which is a complete comfort to me.


Frog Hollow Embroidery

Christine has been massaging me and my horses for over 10 years. She keeps us in working order so we can be at the top of our game at competition.

She has been an invaluable diagnostic tool with the horses in picking up on injuries before they have become a problem.

Christine was on the favorite persons list to my old Boston Terrier “Fat” . He suffered from back problems and arthritis. He would grunt and close his eyes while he was getting his massage. After she worked on him he would get up and act like a puppy again. Thank you Christine for all your good work on me and the gang.

Adrienne Iorio

International competitor 3-day eventing

Christine Taylor has been working on my horses for at least seven years. Christine arrives every few weeks and gives an honest commentary on changes she sees in the horse.

Her fresh perspective is a great objective commentary on muscle development, shoeing issues or any other aspect that sometimes goes unnoticed in day to day contact. I am so happy that Christine continues to find the time to work on my horses. She is a valuable partner in my care of my horses.

Ros Smythe

Adult Amateur Jumping, Round Lot Farm