Learn and see the functional anatomy of the hoof and lower limb. The class is open to all who want to learn and know more about the hoof! [Read More...]

Kinesiology taping has been around for 30 years. It recently made made its way to the USA and has become more mainstream in the athletic world by its prominent appearance at many sporting events including the Olympic games. The benefits it brings to humans apply equally to horses and in this class I will teach you taping techniques for training and recovery. [Read More...]

This demonstration is designed to teach you how and why to stretch your horse. Christine and Bugzy will demonstrate 22 different stretches performed from the ground. [Read More...]

This is a great demonstration of how to apply pressure release techniques. You will see a variety of natural horsemanship techniques to help improve your horse’s obedience and attention. [Read More...]

Massage basics for horse owners is a simplified version of massage techniques that anyone can do to their horse. You do not need to know the anatomy or have a lot of body strength to learn and apply these techniques on your own horse. [Read More...]