Necessary modality to help people and animals recover from injury to a muscle or joint or where muscle spasm may have been created due to overuse or repetitive use. [Read More...]

I own a FLIR thermal imaging camera which can be used to detect changes in temperature or circulation via the use of color representing temperature. [Read More...]

I specialize in restoring the balance to the equine hoof.

Most of my work is correcting imbalances. From distorted flat feet, hooves lacking depth and volume, to upright narrow feet that look like soup cans. Regardless of whether your horse has had laminitis or just in general poor feet his whole life there is help! [Read More...]

Call me for a session that could change your performance!

I am now offering Kinesio® taping sessions as part of my practice. [Read More...]

Veterinary Lasers and FDA approved lasers for human use are available for monthly rentals and for purchase. I have been a sales rep. for Respond since 1995. Please feel free to contact me with your questions. I have been using these lasers for 15 years in my practice and am available for training sessions. [Read More...]

alt Tong Ren
Tong Ren is energy healing based on a Chinese system using the acupuncture and meridian points for removing blockages in the body. I completed the Tom Tam Tong Ren training in Sept of 2007.

Tong Ren healing has been a powerful tool for me, enabling me to work on animals that are too far away or too ill to travel or even contageous, hospitalized etc. [Read More...]