Elastic Kinesio Taping

Call me for a session that could change your performance!

I am now offering Kinesio® taping sessions as part of my practice.

Although it has been made popular in the sports world, Kinesio taping can be used for acute pain and injury and to asist in retraining strained or weakend muscles, chronic headaches due to muscular tension and also other overuse syndromes and repetetive strain type pains.

Taping only requires a half hour initial appointment and the followups can be shorter. I may very the taping technique to adjust to your body’s responses in the first few weeks.

Generally, relief is immediate, but chronic recurring problems can take 4-8 weeks to benefit from the taping with maximum results towards the latter time.

This is special tape made for this purpose. The tape is similar to our skin and sends input to the nervous system depending on the application done by the practitioner. When there is a dysfunction in the body, the special tape can be applied to tell muscles to relax or tense muscle areas, to decrease pain or, by lifting the skin, affect circulation.

Depending on the technique used, the tape will stay on from 1 to 7 days and does not interfere with normal activity.