Equine Podiatry Services - Health4feet

I specialize in restoring the balance to the equine hoof.

Most of my work is correcting imbalances. From distorted flat feet, hooves lacking depth and volume, to upright narrow feet that look like soup cans. Regardless of whether your horse has had laminitis or just in general poor feet his whole life there is help!

For examples of my work, please visit the Health4Feet Facebook page.

I specialize in composite shoe application and trim to balance the hoof capsule around the center of rotation of the coffin joint. I utilize hoof mapping to accurately balance and continue to improve the alignment of the hoof and limb, as well as improve overall health of the hoof and its internal structures.

  • I am an accredited farrier (APF) with the American Association of professional farriers
  • Member of ELPO equine lameness prevention organization
  • Completed the level one program (RHDP) of recognizing hoof distortions at Daisy Haven Farm school of integrative hoof-care.

When should you utilize my services?

  • If your horses performance is not at optimum!
  • If there is any type of weakness or imbalance in the hooves such as under run heels
  • weak or narrow frogs constant thrush abscess
  • Past laminitis
  • Constant tripping
  • Unwilling to move forward or lazy
  • Pain, discomfort or stiffness.