Teach Your Horse Obedience with Cues

This is a great demonstration of how to apply pressure release techniques. You will see a variety of natural horsemanship techniques to help improve your horse’s obedience and attention.

Christine demonstrates techniques taught by Pat Parelli, John Lyons and Gawani Pony Boy in their many books and videos. The techniques in this demonstration are easy to understand and easy to practice at home with your own horse.

Christine has taught these techniques to many of her clients and has given classes to pony clubs and 4-H camps.

How to apply pressure release techniques

  • Every horse has 3 zones
  • There are 5 ways to apply pressure to these zones
  • Air -hair- skin – muscle -bone
  • Find out the right way to apply pressure to your particular horse, so your horse will stay calm and learn effectively.

5 most important cues to teach your horse

  • Go forward
  • Head down
  • Hips over
  • Turn and face me
  • Give to pressure

Improve leading and ground manners, come when called, calm down, stand still

Using these 5 cues learn to improve all the interactions with your horse such as:

  • Ground manners
  • Leading
  • Mane pulling
  • Spooking
  • Trailer loading and more

No round pen needed!

All these lessons can be taught:

  • With a halter and bridle
  • In an arena or open area
  • In your barn aisle

This class aprox. 3 hours

Cost $ 125