Tong Ren Energy Healing

alt Tong Ren
Tong Ren is energy healing based on a Chinese system using the acupuncture and meridian points for removing blockages in the body. I completed the Tom Tam Tong Ren training in Sept of 2007.

Tong Ren healing has been a powerful tool for me, enabling me to work on animals that are too far away or too ill to travel or even contageous, hospitalized etc.

Tong ren works on the bio-electric or bio-chemical aspect of the illness. Lyme disease, cancers or Cushing’s disease are examples of bio-chemical imbalance or blockages in the body. M.S., Shingles, stroke and colic are examples of bio-electrical imbalances or blockages in the body’s energy system. Tong ren can be an integral part of healing the complete body.

How is a session performed?

If you are receiving Tong Ren there is no physical touching. You can come in person or you can simply be on the telephone with the practitioner.

How can this be done over the phone?

Simple. Energy is not bound by the physical contact. Just as we can send radio waves (a form of energy) we can send all types of energy thru the air even over long distances. Energy does not loose its power over distance as long as there is a reciever on the other end. We do not question how satelite and tv and radio and laser energy is sent because it has been scientifically explained to us. But even if it has not been explained – it would still work the same way.

Do not think that because you don’t understand how it works that it can not work. All energy sent from the mind or our bodies can work if we have a reciever on the end we are intending to send it to.

This is how Reiki and massage and craniosacral and many types of healing also work. I also do massage and sometime the area can not be touched because it is too deep in the body. I use my intention to send the energy deeper than my hands can reach and the patient still gets relief. This is an example of how we can send energy with our intention.

How Is the energy sent?

The therapist uses a magnetic acupuncture tool to move the energy and an acupuncture doll is used to send the energy to the various points in your body where the blockages are felt. There are specific points for specific areas in the body as well as the practitioner may feel the blockages energetically and work on other points related to the illness as well.

What does the patient feel?

Some patients immediately feel heat or warmth in the area being worked also some patients may feel tingling in arms and feet while the energy is changing in the body. it is also okay to feel nothing as some people are not in tune with the feeling of the energy in their body. Animals will lay down and go to sleep. if they feel warmth they pant. They feel very relaxed with Tong Ren work.

How long does it take?

Generally a session generally takes from 3-20 minutes but longer sessions are also possible.

Depending on the lenght and type of illness and the body’s ability to repair and heal itself, the necessary times for treatment can vary. Some patients experience relief after a few sessions. For some blockages and illnesses it may take weeks or months for the body to correct itself. It also depends on how long the illness has been present in the body.

Why would you use Tong Ren?

I had a growth on my ovary. I had Tong Ren treatments for 6 weeks, 1-2x per week and after 6 weeks the growth had shrunk away. I continue to recieve Tong Ren treatments a few times a year now even though I feel good. I am doing this as a precaution to keep my body free of blockages.

I have worked on peoples dogs when they have had tumors and the person could not afford the tumor treatment.

I have worked on a friends dog when it was diagnosed with skin cancer and only 6 months to live. After 10 sessions the dog’s cancer had healed and the doctor’ s said it must have been something else. After a few weeks it re-appeared and the doctor was sure it was skin cancer . The Tong Ren treatments were done again by me and the skin lesions disappeared again and have stayed gone—that was two years ago.

I have worked on animals in other countries as well.

One time a horse was in the hospital waiting to have surgey for it’s intestines that were blocked. The horse owner could not afford the surgery but was told it was the only way. She had me do the Tong Ren work over the phone the day and night before the surgery. I could feel the energy move and the blockages release. I told her you can take your horse home tomorrow it will not need surgery. The next day she called and told me the horse has released the intestinal blockages and she was told she could take him home that afternoon — without the surgery.

Several people had Tong Ren treatments for their dogs or horses and themselves while infected with Lyme Disease because it is a illnes affecting the immune system (the chemicals in the body). Tong Ren worked very well to keep the symptoms in remission.

There are many stories like this from my own personal experience as well as thousands more from other Tong Ren practitioners.

What do you have to do to get a Tong Ren treatment?

You simply have to accept it! You must be willing to accept the energy and be willing to allow it to help you. You simply sit quietly with your palms facing up and your feet flat on the floor while the practioner works with the energy. It is best if your spine is errect (as in sitting) so it can act as the antenna to recieve the energy. Your brain and spinal cord are the “reciever”. It works beyond what you can feel and comprehend with the part of the brain that understands universal conciousness.